HERMIONE Frigate 1779-1793

Frigate of the American War of Independence

The book includes all the plans
of the framework in 1/48.
Brochure 144 pages and 34 boards.

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Author : JC LEMINEUR Translated by François Fougerat

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An initial chapterisconcernedwith the nauticalqualitiesthatwarships must have possessedTheywereespeciallymediocre for vesselsbuiltduringthe 17th century and the first half of the 18th because of the use of obsolete concepts. 

 The new design concepts thatwereadoptedtoward the end of thatperiod are describednext, as well as the improvements in performance and sea-goingcapabilitiesthatresulted. 

 A second chapteris the object of a detailedstudy of documents concernedwith the architecture and characteristics of sister-frigates, a studythatallows the identification in a plausible manner, of the variouspoorlyknown aspects of HERMIONE. 


Thirty-four plates, most of themwithcomments, provide a detailed picture of the ship. 

1. Schematic elevation

2. Schematic plan view

3. Vertical view of frames

4. Construction of the stern

5. Construction of the stern-frame

6. Construction of the hawse pieces I

7. Construction of the hawse pieces II

8. Profiles of aft frames 1 to 6

9. Profiles of aft frames 7 to 12

10. Profiles of aft frames 13 to 19

11. Profiles of aft frames 20 to 29

12. Profiles of the main frame and forward frames 1 to 5

13. Profiles of forward frames 6 to 11

14. Profiles of forward frames 12 to 18

15. Profiles of forward frames 19 to 24

16. Timbered elevation

17. Plan of the bottom of the hold

18. Between-decks plan

19. Timbering of the gundeck and castles

20. Gundeck and its furniture

21. Castles and their furniture

22. Lengthwise section

23. Cross-sections

24. Built-up elevation

25. Decoration of the stem and stern-frame

26. Artillery and furniture

27. Chandlery items.

28. Plans of masts and yards

29. Garniture de la mâture

30. Mainmast masts and rigging

31. Foremast masts and rigging

32. Mizzen masts and rigging

33. Running rigging (1/72 scale)

34. Hermione under sail (1/72 scale)

Translated by François Fougerat

32 Plates HERMIONE 1/36e scale.

These plans are for the buyer monograhies of Hermione who want to make a model in 1/36 e scale. 32 plans because 2 plates 33 and 34 are not required to be in duplicate with those of monograhies . ( Running rigging and Hermione under sail)

NEW 2021: 32 Plates HERMIONE AT 1/72e

POSTERS of HERMIONE IN 1/72 e scale

Format 72 cm x 102 cm (Same as the board 34 of the monograph)
but edit on ivory paper 110 gr.
(Limited Edition).

Information :

Full artillery is available on the website of www.lahoche.fr
a discount will be made to customers ANCHOR upon presentation of their purchase invoice of the monograph.

ISBN 978-2-903179-90-8

ARTILLERIE 1/2 Série :

13 Canons de 12
4 Canons de 6
5 Pérriers de 1
1 pérriers de 0,5
2 Obusier de 36

Author : JC LEMINEUR Translated by François Fougerat

Size of the model
Scale of the model : 36 / 48/ 72
Length With Height
Hull 101 24 22
Model rigged 140 70 110

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HERMIONE Frigate 1779-1793

HERMIONE Frigate 1779-1793

Frigate of the American War of Independence

The book includes all the plans
of the framework in 1/48.
Brochure 144 pages and 34 boards.

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