MONOGRAPHIE DE LA DILIGENTE -Tartane du roi - 1738

The King's Tartan built by Laurent Marchand 1738-1761 A Monograph with all plans of the timber work.

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Author : Gérard DELACROIX & Hubert BERTI

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This monograph is devoted to the tartane, a fishing ship and coastal trading vessel found in the Mediterranean for over three centuries but little known today. Artist's renderings of tartanes abound, but technical information on their construction is rare, especially for the period before 1800.
We found copious information in the Naval Archives in the port of Toulon and in the National Archives on La Diligente, a tartane built in Toulon for the Royal Navy by Laurent Marchand, a shipwright from Agde. Happily enough, the ship's plans were also preserved in the Toulon archives.
Gérard Delacroix conceived and designed this monograph on the basis of Hubert Berti's archival research. Both men relied on Jean Boudriot's principles, advice and guidance.
The monograph includes a full set of plans for building the model at 1:36, 1:48, and 1:72 scale. In other words, it allows for three varying degrees of difficulty in construction. Rigging and fitting out are elegant but simple and the decoration of the hull is fairly easy to do. A careful beginner at model building would be able to take on this ship as his or her first project. A more experienced model builder would be able to assemble a first-rate piece with a closed hull based on the completeness of the documentation. The framework is particularly difficult to execute because of the lightness of the ribs. The most skillful model builders will therefore be able to display their talent.
The Diligente had a fascinating career due to the variety of her missions: large and small coastal trading, races, transportation of personnel or official dispatches, and the protection of convoys. The imagination can run full course if one should choose to present this charming small ship in one of those historical situations.


91 page booklet, 24 x 31cm format including : SOURCES AND HISTORY
- Written sources: reproduction and analysis of the most important available sources for the period 1629-1868.
- Iconography: Numerous drawings of 17th-, 18th, and 19th-c. tartans.
- Plans of tartanes: Reproduction of seven plans of tartanes, including four heretofore unpublished ones, with a commentary on the plans.

- The Diligente's campaigns.
- Plan in the Toulon archives.
- Commentary on the plates.
- Description of the rigging.
- Critical commentary on 24 photos of ship's models in the Musée de la Marine in Paris and the CCI Museum in Marseilles.

List of plates (including all drawings of the timbers) : Plates at 1:36

1 - General view, form of the hull, vertical sections.
2 - General view, front and rear views of the ribs.
3 - Plan of the ribs and the hull
4 - Plan of the false deck.
5 - Plan of the deck.
6 - Cross-sections.
7 - Large longitudinal section.
8 - Large overview.
9 - Overhead view.
10 - Front and rear views
11 - Fitting
13 - Details of timber.
14 - Masts and spars.
18 -19 - 20 drawing of the 56 ribs.

Plates at 1:48
15 - General view under sails
16 - General view, form of the hull, vertical sections.
17 - Fitting, details of timber.

Plates at 1:72
21- Définition of the hull, fitting,

Photos du modèle de M. Maillière Jacques (Photographe  Olivier Gatine)

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The books only without plans in English or Italian or Spanish are sold only if you already have the monograph in French. (proof of purchase will be requested)

Author : Gérard DELACROIX & Hubert BERTI

Size of the model
Length With Height
Hull 61 19 21
Model rigged 90 21 104

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MONOGRAPHIE DE LA DILIGENTE -Tartane du roi - 1738

MONOGRAPHIE DE LA DILIGENTE -Tartane du roi - 1738

The King's Tartan built by Laurent Marchand 1738-1761 A Monograph with all plans of the timber work.

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