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Access to the site

Users of the Internet site recognize they have the competence and resources necessary to access and use the Internet site.
In compliance with the law of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Files and Individual Liberties, this website has filed a declaration with the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés -
Users of the website must respect the provisions of the law on Data Processing, Files and Individual Liberties; any breach is subject to criminal sanctions.
They must in particular refrain from gathering any nominative information they may access, or using it in any way that infringe on a person’s private life or reputation.

Content of the site

ANCRE provides users of the website with information and tools that are made available and verified, but may not be held responsible for any errors or the lack of availability of some information.
We ask users of the site to be kind enough to inform us of any possible omissions, errors or corrections, by sending a message to the site’s webmaster at


The general structure, as well as software, texts, images whether still or animated, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics and all other elements of the website are for ANCRE’s exclusive use.
No representation, by any process whatsoever, of the site in whole or in part is allowed without express permission from ANCRE, and any breach is tantamount to counterfeiting punishable according to Articles L335-2 ff. of the Code de la propriété intellectuelle (Intellectual property code).
ANCRE can in no way be held responsible for the hypertext links set up in the context of this website towards other resources available on the Internet.
The websites users and visitors cannot set up a hyperlink to this site without ANCRE’s prior express permission, please send a message to

All ANCRE brands on the site are registered trademarks. No reproduction in whole or in part without ANCRE’s express permission is allowed. You can contact us to formulate this type of request at

Personal data

ANCRE respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal data.
Compliance with the European General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR).

In compliance with the provisions of the law of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Files and Individual Liberties, the automated processing of nominative data from the Internet portal is subject to a declaration with the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés –
Users are informed in particular, in compliance with Article 27 of the abovementioned law of 1978, that:
the information provided in the forms present on the website may be transmitted and used by ANCRE,
everyone has the right to access and rectify their personal data,
all questions preceded by an asterisk (*) must be filled,
This right to access and rectify data may be exercised by e-mail to the following address: or by post to:

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In case of rectification, we will send you, on simple request, a copy of the rectified information.
Personal data concerning you and gathered in the context of this site are intended for other companies we have entrusted with filling your orders.
IP addresses are intended for purely technical use and consultation statistics. Messages or documents sent or received by e-mail are kept for one year, then saved.
Any personal information you provide us is kept for one year before archiving


To enable the server to recognize a visitor between visits, a cookie is deposited on the user’s computer hard drive. A cookie is a small temporary file that takes the form of a chain of characters storing information linked to personalization functions.
The user is informed that the cookie may be read only by the server that created it and it contains no personal data. Generally speaking, the user can set the browser’s parameters to be warned of the creation of cookies and may refuse the operation. This means accepting a lack of some of the site’s functionalities.
The cookie makes it possible to associate nominative information stored by the server with the user visiting the site, who ceases to be anonymous.
The user has the right to access, delete or alter the data.

Access codes

Some parts of the site require the use of access codes provided by ANCRE comprising a user name and a password. This access code is personal and non-transferable. It is delivered once by e-mail and may be delivered again, suspended, deleted or modified by written request by post to:
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or by e-mail:
The use of this access code is under the sole responsibility of the person to whom it is delivered, who releases ANCRE from all responsibility linked to its use including by third parties.

Applicable legislation

The use of this website is governed by French law, excluding all other legislation.
By express convention, all disputes concerning the use of this website must be filed with the courts of the headquarters of ANCRE.